Nov 12

uAttend Time & Attendance Systems for Streamlined Payroll Management

In today’s world of sharp business competition, there are basically two types of organizations: the quick and the dying. The prior applies to those organizations that are quick to realize and utilize the latest industry trends and technologies, such as the web time clocks. The latter applies to companies that fail in keeping up with technological advancements and subsequently struggle to compete for market share.Automated web time clocks are the best time tracking software systems

Companies that choose to adapt and invest in workforce management technology are able to eliminate unnecessary steps that demand their time and resources. A perfect example can be seen by comparing the amount of time required to manually process payroll to the amount of time required for automated payroll processing. In the absence of automated solutions like time clock from uAttend, businesses must manually manage every stage of payroll, from data capture and data entry to storage and data processing.

How do uAttend Time & Attendance Solutions Work?

uAttend enables small and medium-sized enterprises to effectively manage their payroll without draining company time and resources. uAttend’s innovative time tracking software ensures the accurate, to-the-minute time tracking of employee work hours and includes a variety of time clocks to use. These clocks feature a number of punch-in options such as fingerprint and facial recognition, Web browser, RFID , smart phone applications and more.

Automation helps streamline corporate business processes and improve operational efficiency. For example, with uAttend web time clocks in place, employees no longer need to manually record time and attendance on time sheets, or manually submit work hours for payroll purposes. Plus, when an employee punches-in with his or her fingerprint, there is no longer a need for human supervision of this process. This means you no longer have to pay someone to watch over and make sure employees are punching in and out accordingly. Your time clock does that for you.

In addition, your payroll or accounting department no longer has to spend hours on end transferring data from time cards and then processing it for payroll. uAttend time clock also enables you to export detailed time and attendance reports to more than 50 of leading payroll systems. This seamless integration cuts down on the amount of costly errors associated with payroll, and frees up valuable company time.

When it comes to payroll management, keeping up on industry trends and technological advancements gives you the chance to make the most of your business. Solutions such as time tracking software from uAttend force complex, manual business processes out of the way, helping your company run at maximum efficiency.

Oct 12

Time Attendance Software – What to Consider When Purchasing and Implementing

Many businesses face difficulties getting the most out of their time attendance software simply because they either pick an application that was not suited for their needs, or because they failed to implement the time tracking software in a proper manner. This post informs entrepreneurs on how to choose, and subsequently implement an effective time clock system.

In today’s wavering economy, small business owners have been forced to wear a lot of hats and handle a lot of tasks, some of which do not add much value to their business. Having to spend too much time on the administrative side of things leaves less time available to focus on making money for your business. Regardless of whether the tasks are developmental or administrative, your business ultimately suffers if they are not done efficiently. Employee payroll is one of the most vital areas of your business where you can cut down on administrative time, and focus efforts on generating revenue. To effectively manage payroll and allocate as much time possible to creating new business, you should consider time attendance software. uAttend time clock is the best time tracking software

Finding the Best Solution

When looking for time tracking software, be careful. There are countless applications out there that may be useless to you because it simply does not suit your particular business needs. In many cases, business owners are unable to reap benefits from their payroll application because they bought a system that is not a good fit. To find the best solution for your organization, make a list of your specific wants and demands.

Another area where businesses fail to get the most out of a time clock is in the implementation process. In many instances, businesses have been forced to abandon time and attendance systems because they failed to integrate with their current operational processes. More often than not, it is the business owner who did not identify the system capabilities and ensure system compatibility.

To successfully purchase and implement the right time and attendance solution for your business, follow the guidelines below:

1. Buy a Scalable Solution

As a business owner, you always want to anticipate growth. If you opt for licensed time attendance software, when you experience rapid growth, your system might no longer meet your needs. This could mean a costly replacement. Software as a Service (SaaS), on the other hand, is a scalable solution and can cope with any rapid growth.

2. Communicate Directly With Service Providers

Nobody is in a better position than the service provider to advise you on the type of time tracking software you should be using. It is always advisable to establish direct channels of communication and get first-hand knowledge from service providers on their system. A reseller can also provide detailed and accurate information; however, it is often best to go directly to the source to make an informed decision.

3. Thoroughly Educate Your Staff

Since it’s your staff that will be using the time clock system to record their time and attendance and generate payroll reports, you need to make sure they are fully knowledgeable of they system’s functionalities and capabilities. When employees fail to fully understand the clock and software, it limits the efficacy of the system and you are not maximizing the benefits of your investment. Be sure to train your employees – it does not take long and will boost your ROI.

Sep 12

A Finger Print Time Clock to Promote the Growth of Your Small Business

As our economy remains unpredictable, it is increasingly difficult for small businesses to stay competitive and still attract the best human resources for optimum productivity. As a result, organizations have been forced to explore new methods to cut costs and increase profits. Almost every management strategist of today agrees with the idea that one of the most basic methods to achieve growth is through the effective utilization of one’s workforce. Biometric timeclocks provide companies the ability to do just that.

A finger print time clock, for example, ensures employee accountability and helps streamline time and attendance operations at the same time. However, it is rather surprising that a lot of businesses operate without these tools. In many cases, these are either startup organizations, or businesses that started out very small and after experiencing substantial growth continued with their existing workforce management systems. A time does come, of course, when these organizations realize that they need to switch to a more efficient solution if they want to achieve optimal performance. Biometric fingerprint time clocks offer fool proof recording of time and attendance with robust software that generates insightful reports that can be vital for small businesses.

Outmoded Payroll Hinders Organizational Growth

Top professionals in the field have identified that one of the major threats to the growth of an organization is the failure in employee time management. Analysts arrived at this conclusion after carefully studying the organizational performance of a number of small and medium enterprises and their time and attendance management strategies. They determined that organizations fail to grow at the pace achieved by their rivals because of their failure to properly utilize the time of their human resources. They found that businesses using modern employee time management systems, such as a finger print time clock, have been able to deal with time management issues in an effective manner, and as a result, are doing much better that their competitors.

Biometric Timeclocks – The New Time Management Mantra

Successful businesses have switched to efficient and advanced solutions like cloud-based, biometric time clock systems for the easy recording of their workforce’s time and attendance. These systems are extremely easy-to-use with low commitment and minimal risk, which has made them quite popular with small businesses.

Why is Their Success Ratio so High?

Biometric systems, like a finger print time clock with online software, are some of the most cost-effective payroll solutions for today’s modern corporations. Not only are they able to effectively manage payroll, they are also extremely reliable with almost 100% uptime and offer universal access. In addition, the systems can be customized and integrated with almost any current payroll software, making them an ideal fit for all businesses.

Better Control Your Payroll

With biometric fingerprint time clocks, line managers and supervisors can ensure the accuracy of their time and attendance data, as well as prevent employees from punching in too early and punching out late to earn unauthorized overtime. With real-time recording of each and every employee punch, these systems give companies much better control of their payroll.

Taking all of these features and benefits into consideration, it is easy to see why biometric time clock systems are a great option for boosting your company’s growth. Stop being limited by your outdated time tracking system. Invest in a new employee time management system today.

Apr 12

Time Tracking Software Enhances Reliability and Accuracy of Employee Attendance

Advancements in today’s innovative world have developed an acute awareness among individuals about the power and ease of technology. We are always looking for the most convenient and easy way to perform a task in the shortest amount of time. This is a smart strategy for any business – it cuts operational costs and improves efficiency. Yet, this strategy often raises the question of accuracy and reliability. If it’s quick and easy, can it still be accurate and dependable?

When it comes to employee time and attendance management, the answer is yes – especially if the time tracking system is equipped with a biometric fingerprint scanner. Time tracking software with a fingerprint time clock is considered flexible, accurate and easy to use. In addition, it is reliable, cost effective and produces quick, up-to-the-minute information.

Businesses often implement a time tracking system in an attempt to properly control employee attendance. Managers are aware of the fact that employees are more punctual when they know that time tracking software is continuously monitoring their attendance. Of course, these days organizations are also conscious about their payroll and benefit plans, and the need to maintain accurate and reliable working hour data. Using time tracking software with a fingerprint time clock, employers reduce the chance of time theft and proxy attendance, thus ensuring their payroll data is accurate.

A fingerprint time clock is one of the most popular types of biometric time clocks, and is known as one of the best solutions for time theft. Buddy punching is considered to be a major source of time theft. It is easy for a friend or coworker to mark someone else’s attendance for the day. However, when employees are identified by their unique, individual fingerprint, this practice is near impossible. No two fingerprints are identical, thus a fingerprint time clock assures the reliable and accurate tracking of employee time and attendance.

Mar 11

Use of Web Based Clocks for Small Companies

Employee attendance is a common problem in majority of organizations. This is because the employers are packed in their busy schedule and do not have any time to keep a check on employee’s performance with regards to the number of hours worked. The issue is more pronounced in SME’s. Large organizations have adequate resources to invest in designing or purchasing a personalized computer system, which allows them to maintain the employee’s attendance record in relation to his performance. SME’s usually have limited financial resources therefore, cannot afford to buy highly advanced gadgets for calculating and recording the performance of the employees as well as the time in hours spent on productive activities.

Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are critical to the economic success of any country. The success of SME’s depends on two things;

(a) How many hours are the employees spending on the company premises?

(b) How good or bad are they performing in those hours?

If you are the possessor of a small business; and looking out for ways to record time invested by your employees, we have an up to date and practical employee time and attendance system Wireless time clock. The best part is that the time and attendance software system is web based. The software is pre installed into the device; you only need to plug it in and play in your computer system, provided that your computer is connected to Internet.

The time attendance software is advanced as it employs the technique of cloud computing. The system connects to any Wi-Fi network and transfers all the punch data in real time to an efficient time clock; it can be accessed from any computer with Internet. Now you don’t have to use cable wires to connect the system manually to a single computer and also, there is no need to manage and maintain the software regularly. The system is employee friendly. The employees simply need to punch in their card into the system or they can simply enter a four digit pin code to record their attendance. Another feature of the employee time and attendance system is that it can be integrated with the payroll system; this brings convenience to the employers. The web based time clocks is used by majority of small business owners in USA especially in California and New York. You can easily purchase the web based clock online by simply placing an order on our website; we assure safe and timely delivery.

Mar 11

How Small Companies Can Control Labor Costs Using Latest but Affordable Technology

If you are an employer, running a 10-15 employees company, you must have come across the problem of controlling labor costs. From production sector to service sector, even in semi-GOVT companies, managing employee attendance efficiently has always been an issue for the busy employers.

Controlling labor costs is no longer solely the domain of large corporations as the recent economic downturn has forced small businesses to reevaluate as aspects of their organizational infrastructure.

Long available for larger organizations and at high costs, employee attendance and time tracking software has not, until recently, successfully migrated to the small business marketplace.

A few years back, when lower cost RFID proximity card and biometric time clocks entered the marketplace, small companies found something affordable at a basic level of time tracking. This soon proved to be a half-solution.  These solutions were designed to force business owners to tether the time clocks to client based software installed on local computers. These solutions, which offer a fairly low cost of entry, soon end up costing the businesses much more with IT costs, support contracts, and extended warranties.

Small businesses today demand that their vendors offer technology that is affordable and that utilizes the best available technologies. With web-based cloud computing or software as a service (SaaS) offerings the norm for many services commonly used by small businesses (accounting, banking, hosting, etc), business owners are looking to companies that create technology based on how businesses operate as opposed to companies that modify enterprise class technology and try and make it work for small business.

Time and attendance software for small business have in the past taken for granted the fact those most small businesses had diverse labor pools. The most common time and attendance solutions for small business are timeclock offerings. Time attendance software is great for workforces that do not have access to a computer or the Internet, yet not ideal for clerical workers. Companies with warehouse workers, clerical workers, and remote workers have been forced to buy timeclocks and client based PC software and attempt to (not inexpensively) aggregate the data on their servers.

An ideal solution for small business time and attendance would pair inexpensive and easy to use hardware with a web-hosted software application that allows business owners to access time and attendance data any time and anywhere.

Such a system would harness the power of cloud computing coupled with the convenience of plug and play time and attendance terminals, allowing employees to clock in or clock out from a device, a website, or a phone.

Software solutions provider companies have started building programs which comes equipped with the scalability and integration capabilities to use RFID, biometric devices and of course integration of any third party payroll system. If you are looking for a good time clock management system, you must see all such compatibilities. You may need to use these features in due course, as your company grows in time. Most of these software companies offer free demo, in CD or in the shape of online interactive demo. Better to use a 15-30 day trial version so you can get familiar and match with your own company needs. Remember that it does not cost much to use RFID, biometric devices or barcode scanners. In return, the benefit you get in terms of time and cost saving is huge.